Hey yall, I will launching a new webseries called the "Kh0LL3G3 Khr0nicL3s" which will contain fictional characters that will Khr0nicL3 the life of me, and other college students. The Kh0LL3G3 Khr0nicL3s are random, yet real and true in most cases. I hope that you will find a connection with one or maybe even all of the characters. Plz give me your feedback and your support! Thank you!

Schools: Martin Luther King, Jr. College @ Los Angeles, CA
HBCU:Malik Shabazz-Newton(Huey P. Newton) University @ San Diego, CA

Feminae Ethopia Pinchback-McCarthy: 1st year/Bio-psychology major
Male Chancellor Mays: 2nd year/Pan-African Union president/Africana Studies major & Sociology Minor
Feminae Apollonia Lattimore-West: 3rd year/Womyn studies & Classical studies double major & Africana studies minor
Male Amiri Shakur: 4th year/Researcher/Economics Major
Male Sidney "Sid tha Kid" Young: 3rd year/Basketball PLayer/Business & Marketing major
Feminae Sasha-Monique Davis: 4th year/Dance & Business Major

Here is a sample of the show:

Ethopia: Hey Chance! How you been lately? I haven't seen you in forever. Have you been hiding out? You've been sick or something?
Chancellor: Naw, not at all. I've been grinding it out for school and I've been preparing for the Multicultural Fair, you know the one in May?
Ethopia: Oh yeah, I've been seeing flyers for that...I was thinking about having a booth. You know I make jewelry?
Chancellor: Oh yeah, well here is the application form and all you need to do is pay $10 for a sellers permit and you'll be straight. I know this is hella random but would you happen to be talking to anyone at the moment?
Ethopia: Nope, not at the moment. But I do have my eyes on a certain somebody!
Chancellor: WHo? What year is he?
Ethopia: Chance, you know I Can't tell you all of that! But I will say that he is a 2nd year and I think you might know him.

To be continued...
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