Who's the real Terrorist?

So like everybody is wrapped up in this whole alleged Iraqi & Afhaghani terrorism bullshit in which G. Bush fed us like after 9/11 happened. I get tired of the racially/social implications that are associated with people of Middle Eastern descent and sometimes even SouthEast Asian(India) descent. I definitely will not deny that some of the actions of religious extremist and anti-american sentiments are acts of terrorism. However, I think we have it confused as to who our true enemy is!
Our enemies rest right in our own backyards and sometimes even in our front yards. I'm sure you're wondering who or what it is that im a refering to, and don't worry I shall bring this person, thing, or group to the forefront in just a second. But I must say that this mystery group/person terrorizes people on a regular basis. Though some may be exempt from the constant terrorism, others like myself are born as targets, even if we have the $$$s to save ourselves! These terrorist in which I speak of are the PIGS and those who work to ensure the full affect of racism on a daily basis!

sidenote: Here when I use the term racism, I am using Ruth Wilson-Gilmore's definition of racism which states that "Racism is the state-sanctioned and/or extra-legal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerabilities to premature death..."-Ruth Wilson Gilmore

When I speak of PIGS I refer to all PIGS, BECAUSE LIKE I WAS ONCE TOLD, A PIG IS A PIG, NO MATTER WHAT, regardless if the PIG is pink, clear, black, yellow, orange, red, and so on. There are some good PIGS out there, but most PIGS will obey their masters inorder to remain in good standing with him and also to reserve and ensure he gets the best of the scraps! And the PIG is taught to protect and serve his or hers master, the master's family & friends, and those who are of the same or similar social status as their master!(so basically if you aint in the master's house or his circle then you aint gone be proctected nor served by the damn PIGS!!!! AND ALSO, as some say "IF YOU'RE NOT FOR ME THEN YOUR AGAINST ME", SO THOSE OF US WHO aint in the Masters circle must be against him and we ultimately pose a threat to the order of the master and his circle!!!! POnder on that)

Think about how insane a farmer will become if you injure or even kill one of his pigs! He will go crazy and try to kill yo ass! lol but if you think about it, thats the same way the authorities react when one of their PIGS is slain by the "others". They will throw yo ass in jail, beat the sh*t out of you, and throw away the damn key! There is a huge penalty for slaying one of the Masters PIGS.

But if one of the Master's PIG(S) were to attack, injure or kill you then he would be sent home with pay or he would be acquitted of all charges and in private he would get a pat on his back for doing a good job or terrorizing the "others". Why do you think that PIGS are so thristy to get those quotas at the beginning and end of the month, they get rewarded by their Masters for keeping "the others" in check. POLICING is all about control, power, and dominion over another human life.

*Racial Profiling
*Shooting/Killing innocent civilians(hhhhmmmmm does this not sound all to familiar from a certain countries army? idk you tell me...*cough* the war in Iraq! oh did i say that, ooops im sorry)
*Tapping phone lines, do to the masters suspicion
*Beating alleged suspects of "CRIMES"

This only Part I, and I may get arrested for discussing such topic but I thought I had the freedom of speech, I am discussing in a peaceful manner,my words do not intend to incite a riot but if your boils due to my words then I suggest you open up your eyes and realize and I will not apologize for your heart ache!
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